How to instantly replace existing Raspberry Pis by the ESP8266

For my outdoor sensors I used an RaspberryPi with BMP180 + TSL2561 via I2C transferring the sensor data via MQTT messages. During an IoT Meetup Session at codecentric office in Frankfurt we discussed the usage of an esp8266 and I was thrilled to get one and play with it. Adafruit HUZAAH ESP8266 breakout highlights 80-MHz-Mikrocontroller Wi-FiContinue reading

NetBeans 8 – Shortcut to Remote Platforms

The recently released NetBeans 8 holds a great gift for all Java Embedded Developers: Build-in support for Remote Java Standard Edition platform. To introduce this great and handy feature I created some screencasts: Part1: headless Part2: JavaFX on Pi Part 3 – Remote Platform Debugging José Pereda has also blogged about this feature in action:Continue reading

JavaFX on Raspberry Pi: Some fun with stepper motor

Recently had some fun when controlling my stepper motor with my Raspberry Pi. The motor: a 28BYJ-48 with ULN2003 driver unit: Cool: Pi4J has a ready to use GpioStepperMotorComponent. Let’s assume this architecture: Thus we start with the StepperMotorAdapter using this component. First some helpfull defines: private final int oneRevolution = 2038; private final intContinue reading

RasPi does the Home Automation (Part IV): Cut the ‘rope’

Hi all, until now all UI-Actions to control my wireless gears had to run directly on the Pi which controls the remote as e.g. deviceControl.turnOn(device); is called. But now I’d rather make a web service available for this purpose to be more independently. Question is: Which server should I use? Apache/PHP: too less Java 😉Continue reading

RasPi does the Home Automation (Part III): ‘Let’s Put It All Together’

Hi, now it’s time to put it all together: 1st: a mini Custom Control for each gear, looking like this: Its controller takes a Device to trigger DeviceControl to switch the radio controlled gears: public class DevicePane extends AnchorPane { @FXML private Button offButton; @FXML private Button onButton; @FXML private Text deviceNameText; public DevicePane(Device device)Continue reading

RasPi does the Home Automation (Part II): Crossing the bridge to JavaFX

Hi, before JavaFX can take over, I need some bottom-up stuff to control my Intertechno-Devices. Basically this is the schema: Right now I have 2 radio intermediate adapters to switch the lights of my terrace/garden and the fountain. And one of these to control the lights in front of my house (cool: can be combinedContinue reading

RasPi does the Home Automation (Part I): Setting up the Pi

Hi all, it’s some time ago since my last post as I was very busy due to other projects. But I still intent to control my wireless power outlets with the Raspberry. The hardware In the meantime the receiver/transmitter components arrived from Hong Kong (took some weeks, but 8€ (incl. shipping!) for 5 pairs ofContinue reading