Button of Choice: Use ToggleButtons as RadioButtons

For MQTT.fx I wanted to use ToggleButtons to e.g. choose the de coding of a MQTT Message or the QoS Level:   I found out that in context of a ToggleGroup ToggleButtons behave different than RadioButtons in terms of selection/deselection: unlike RadioButtons ToggleButtons can still be set to unselected state.   A RadioButton extends ToggleButton and overrides fire() (which isContinue reading

Ordering via SortedList (and Properties Extractor)

Quite a while ago (almost 1,5 years 😱) I wrote a post about the JavaFX way to get ListViews and TableViews instantly updated on model data change: using Properties Extractor pattern. TableColumns have a build-in support for sorting the data per column: just double-click the column header (. But how to order ListViews or getContinue reading

ShichimiFX 1.0.4 released

I have released ShichimiFX 1.0.4. Get the code from my ShichimiFX Bitbucket Repo Maven <dependency> <groupId>de.jensd</groupId> <artifactId>shichimifx</artifactId> <version>1.0.4</version> </dependency> This release contains 2 new utility classes I needed for MQTT.fx‘s script editing function Desktop and Shell. By now I used to open a script for editing with the system default editor via java.awt.Desktop. So farContinue reading

ShichimiFX 1.0.3 released

I have released ShichimiFX 1.0.3. Get the code from my ShichimiFX Bitbucket Repo Maven <dependency> <groupId>de.jensd</groupId> <artifactId>shichimifx</artifactId> <version>1.0.3</version> </dependency> This release mostly focuses on the ConsoleStream. I have fixed some performance issues. Also optionally now an alternate stream can be given, e.g. to pass through System.out. This is used for displaying the logging stream inContinue reading

ShichimiFX 1.0.1 released

I have added extracted some more classes from my application projects (e.g. from MQTT.fx) and added them as new features to ShichimiFX (and released 1.0.1). Get the code from my ShichimiFX Bitbucket Repo Maven <dependency> <groupId>de.jensd</groupId> <artifactId>shichimifx</artifactId> <version>1.0.1</version> </dependency> AnimationDude Provides support for Fade-in/Fade-out-Transition of controls: AnimationDude.addInOutFadeTransition(Duration duration, Node node) AnimationDude.addInOutFadeTransition(Duration duration, Node nodeToFade, NodeContinue reading

Properties Extractor: Best way to get the ListView instantly updating its elements

This post is about how to deal with JavaFX ListViews and TableViews and how these controls are getting informed about changed content of the contained elements. I wonder why I didn’t find anything about the following pattern in the relevant books as this is a really crucial mechanism. Many posts out there suggest to forceContinue reading