‘Font Awesome’ Icons with JavaFX: minor updates

Refer for latest updates here. Hi, some minor FontAwesomeFX updates: The AwesomeDude now provides convenience methods to add an AwesomeFont-Icon to existing Labeled-controls and MenuItems by setting the graphic node: labeled.setGraphic(createIconLabel(icon,iconSize)); Recall that direct subclasses of Labeled are ButtonBase, Cell, Label, TitledPane and their friends (by now I have not tested all combination). setIcon(Labeled labeled,Continue reading

RasPi does the Home Automation (Part IV): Cut the ‘rope’

Hi all, until now all UI-Actions to control my wireless gears had to run directly on the Pi which controls the remote as e.g. deviceControl.turnOn(device); is called. But now I’d rather make a web service available for this purpose to be more independently. Question is: Which server should I use? Apache/PHP: too less Java 😉Continue reading

RasPi does the Home Automation (Part III): ‘Let’s Put It All Together’

Hi, now it’s time to put it all together: 1st: a mini Custom Control for each gear, looking like this: Its controller takes a Device to trigger DeviceControl to switch the radio controlled gears: public class DevicePane extends AnchorPane { @FXML private Button offButton; @FXML private Button onButton; @FXML private Text deviceNameText; public DevicePane(Device device)Continue reading

RasPi does the Home Automation (Part II): Crossing the bridge to JavaFX

Hi, before JavaFX can take over, I need some bottom-up stuff to control my Intertechno-Devices. Basically this is the schema: Right now I have 2 radio intermediate adapters to switch the lights of my terrace/garden and the fountain. And one of these to control the lights in front of my house (cool: can be combinedContinue reading