SplitPane.Divider Transition

Wrote a small utility class to control animated sliding of a SplitPane.Divider.

You can find the complete code in my Bitbucket repo here.

I intend to make it as simple as possible to attach a slide-animation to a standard SplitPane:

splitPane          The SplitPane to be animated.
dividerIndex     Index of the divider to be controlled.
direction           Direction to slide out the layout container
(horizontal SplitPane: LEFT/RIGHT, vertical SplitPane: UP/DOWN)
cycleDuration   Duration/Speed of the slide animation.

SplitPaneDividerSlider( SplitPane splitPane,
                                int dividerIndex,
                                Direction direction,
                                Duration cycleDuration )


E.g. create a divider controller for divider at index 0:

SplitPaneDividerSlider leftSplitPaneDividerSlider = new SplitPaneDividerSlider(centerSplitPane, 0, SplitPaneDividerSlider.Direction.LEFT);

This guy can be triggered by a ToggleButton:

leftToggleButton.selectedProperty().addListener((ObservableValue<? extends Boolean> ov, Boolean t, Boolean t1) -> {

Set a font-icon on the ToogleButton:

AwesomeDude.setIcon(leftToggleButton, AwesomeIcon.TOGGLE_LEFT, "2em");

leftToggleButton.selectedProperty().addListener((ObservableValue<? extends Boolean> ov, Boolean t, Boolean t1) -> {
      if (t1) {
          AwesomeDude.setIcon(leftToggleButton, AwesomeIcon.TOGGLE_LEFT, "2em"
      } else {
           AwesomeDude.setIcon(leftToggleButton, AwesomeIcon.TOGGLE_RIGHT, "2.5em")          

SplitPanes in JavaFX do respect the min/max sizes of layout containers.

Movement of the divider is stopped when reaching these values.
To overrule this constraint when animation is started to slide out the content, min size is set to 0.0 and the original size will be restored when sliding in the content is finished. The right pane is figured out based on the divider index and the direction to side out:

        switch (direction) {
            case LEFT:
            case UP:
                content = (Region) splitPane.getItems().get(dividerIndex);
            case RIGHT:
            case DOWN:
                content = (Region) splitPane.getItems().get(dividerIndex + 1);