MQTT.fx 0.0.15 released

You can download latest binaries at
Bugs and feature requests can be reported via the issue tracker.


  • [Fixed] Issue #31 Unsubscribe + Disconnect from a Broker didn’t clean messages from the client.
  • [Changed/New] Bound new Output-Handler to Script execution
    • System.out is not bound to the script console anymore!
    • You should now use “output” instead of System.out in Scripts.
    • e.g.: output.print(“Hello from Script”);
  • script

  • [Changed] JRE 8 update 45 support
  • [Changed] Logging:
    • better readable logging format
    • now using sl4j (with log4j)
  • log

FontAwesomeFX 8.4 released

FontAwesomeFX 8.4: bug fixes and refactoring:

FIXED: Issue #10: “NPE in updateSize() method”

Issue when using Java 8u20:
Exception in thread "JavaFX Application Thread" java.lang.NullPointerException
at de.jensd.fx.glyphs.GlyphIcon.updateSize(
at de.jensd.fx.glyphs.GlyphIcon.lambda$new$0(

DONE: Issue #12: “Change class names”

Note this if you are using FontAwesomeFX with SceneBuilder!
You will have to re-import the custom components!

FontAwesomIcon is now FontAwesomeIconView
FontAwesomIcons is now FontAwesomeIcon
WeatherIcon is now WeatherIconView
WeatherIcons is now WeatherIcon

DONE:Issue #11: “Constructor with icon parameter”

An additional constructors available:
FontAwesomeIconView(FontAwesomeIcon icon)
WeatherIconView(WeatherIcon icon)

FIXED: Issue #13: “IllegalAccessError on FontAwesomeIcon construction”

Attempting to construct an instance of FontAwesomeIcon results in IllegalAccessError:
java.lang.IllegalAccessError: tried to access method com.sun.javafx.css.parser.CSSParser.()V from class de.jensd.fx.glyphs.GlyphIcon
at de.jensd.fx.glyphs.GlyphIcon.(

Get 8.4:
Download Binaries: Download
Sources available at Bitbucket



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