Introducing fontawesomefx-examples project

Some people asked me about a FontAwesomeFX tutorial.
Now I started a new project: fontawesomefx-examples at GitHub!


The examples will always reflect the latest version of FontAwesomeFX (currently 8.12 which can be loaded from Bintray) and I am going to extend it soon to show all stuff which provided by the lib.

FontAweseomFX 8.12 release informations

Introducing FontAwesomeFX Glyphs-Browser 1.0

I created a GlyphsBrowser application to browse all Icon Fonts provided by  FontAweseomFX 8.12:


(Given Java 8 > update 40 is installed on you machine)

Download Run
OneJar java -jar fontawesomefx-glyphsbrowser-all-1.0.jar
Distribution ZIP bin/fontawesomefx-glyphsbrowser

You can find the code at GitHub.

Download FontAwesomeFX 8.12 from Bintray.

FontAweseomFX 8.12 release informations