FontAwesomeFX 8.14 released

I just released FontAwesomeFX 8.14 to Bintray. This release contains some major fixes: Fixed glyph size changing issue on mouse over Fixed Issues #44 “CSS -glyph-size broken” Also I updated the FontAwesomeFX GlyphsBrowser and the examples in respect to this release! You can find the FontAwesomeFX bintray package here. Source code available at Bitbucket Please report issues here

Minor Update of FontAwesomeFX 8.13 packages

Updated font packs available! Issues fixed when using dedicated fonts in JavaFX applications (thanks to Dirk Lemmermann (@dlemmermann) for reporting): Some people also reported font loading issues with 32bit OpenJDK. This might be related to this bug in Many thanks to Andrea Vacondio (@Torakiki610) for investigation! You can find the FontAwesomeFX bintray package here.…