NetBeans 8 – Shortcut to Remote Platforms

The recently released NetBeans 8 holds a great gift for all Java Embedded Developers:

Build-in support for Remote Java Standard Edition platform.

To introduce this great and handy feature I created some screencasts:

Part1: headless

Part2: JavaFX on Pi

Part 3 – Remote Platform Debugging

José Pereda has also blogged about this feature in action: He and Mark Heckler used it in a distributed environment for their talk G-Force! Self-Powering Global Sensor Nets for IoT (JFokus 2014).

In addition to the support for a full JRE Environment its also worth to mention there is a nice editor as a fronted to the “recreate”-command provided by the all new EJDK 8:


To launch Raspberry PI Java applications from within Eclipse a project called LaunchPI has been started.

For Intellij/IDEA there is a plugin called “sourcesync” that might be helpful for even remote deployment.

But by now I can’t find other approaches that are such seamless and well integrated as NetBeans Remote Platform support.

2 Replies to “NetBeans 8 – Shortcut to Remote Platforms”

  1. elidslfiJuly 20, 2014 at 11:15Reply

    Is it possible to debug a maven application remotely?

    1. Jens DetersJuly 22, 2014 at 17:42Reply

      No, I am afraid maven is not supported by now.
      As ant is the NetBeans projects build in support you will have to refactor your project as a “real” NetBeans Java project.

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