To run the WebStart applications make sure you have Java 1.7.11 or newer installed in your machine.

Picmodo (WebStart)
Picmodo (Mac OSX Bundled Installer)
Picture Catalog.
(requires a running Picmodo Picture Database)
TimeBoxFX (WebStart)
TimeBoxFX (Mac OSX Bundled Installer)
TimeBoxFX (Windows Bundled Installer 64Bit)
TimeBox app for “time-boxed” meetings (our Scrum Master’s best friend ;-)).
SectioAurea (WebStart)
SectioAurea (Mac OSX Bundled Installer)
SectioAurea (Windows Bundled Installer 64Bit)
SectioArea (JavaFX Tutorial App) Tutorial
Database Connection Check
Database Connection Check tool designed for Picmodo-Database.

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  1. Hi,
    i’m a last years student of the university of gent and we have to make a automatic cocktail dispenser. it has to run without a computer so i wil be using a raspberry pi. i bought a raspberry last year and in a few days i’ll receive a 9″ touchscreen. an peristaltic pumps witch has to pump per 1 cl . i have no feeling with programming in python only in
    i’ve been looking trough the internet and came here. do you know how i can make a nice looking interface what starts when you plug in the cocktail machine and by making your choice on the touchscreen the perfect cocktail wil be mixed. I’ve seen this project boozebots ( do you know how to make an interface like that ?

    kind regards

    wouter de guchtenaere

    1. Yes I know how to make such an interface (including the Mobile App… ;-))
      I would suggest to get an Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and to use JavaFX as the Toolkit to create a fancy UI!
      But honestly if you have just skills yet its a very long way to go! Maybe you should wait until MS get Windows 10 out for Raspberry Pi which is scheduled within the next months.


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