FontAwesomeFX now with Java 9 modules support

I just released FontAwesomeFX 9.0.0 coming with Java 9 modules support!

Font Updates

Icon Font updates
EmojiOne update: 2.2.7 -> 3.1.1 (Font update)
525Icons update: 3.0 -> 4.2  (75 new icons)
MaterialDesignIcons: 1.7.22 -> 2.0.26 (323 new icons)


FontAwesomeFX 9.0.0 is available via Bintray / JCenter .
Source code available at Bitbucket .
Please report issues here .

FontAwesomeFX 9.0.0
compile 'de.jensd:fontawesomefx-emojione:3.1.1-9'
compile 'de.jensd:fontawesomefx-fontawesome:4.7.0-9'
compile 'de.jensd:fontawesomefx-icons525:4.2.0-9'
compile 'de.jensd:fontawesomefx-materialdesignfont:2.0.26-9'
compile 'de.jensd:fontawesomefx-materialicons:2.2.0-9'
compile 'de.jensd:fontawesomefx-octicons:4.3.0-9'
compile 'de.jensd:fontawesomefx-weathericons:2.0.10-9'
they are all depending on:
compile 'de.jensd:fontawesomefx-commons:9.0.0'
compile 'de.jensd:fontawesomefx-controls:9.0.0'

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7 thoughts on “FontAwesomeFX now with Java 9 modules support”

  1. GlyphIcons has different methods because all constructors use unicode now.
    There really isn’t a replacement for getChar.
    Use “unicode()” for either of the …ToString() methods.
    Use “fontFamily()” instead of “getFontFamily()”

  2. Hi,
    I was wondering if it will be possible for you to build the jar files as osgi bundles so fontawesome can easily be used in osgi projects like eclipse RCP applications.