FontAwesomeFX 8.0.13 released

FontAwesomeFX 8.0.13 comes with 40 new icons (FontAwesome 4.3.0) Many thanks to Steffen Rachner for his pull request! Download Binaries: Download Sources available at Bitbucket Maven: <dependency> <groupId>de.jensd</groupId> <artifactId>fontawesomefx</artifactId> <version>8.0.13</version> </dependency>

ShichimiFX – Yet another JavaFX utils lib

ShichimiFX is a small lib containing helper/util classes extracted from my other projects which I commonly need. The lib will be extended if it turns out that I need a util class in more than one project… (Shichimi is my favorite Japanese spice mixture) And yes it also yet another utils lib containing (among others):… Continue Reading ShichimiFX – Yet another JavaFX utils lib

FontAwesomeFX 8.0.10 released

FontAwesomeFX 8.0.10 introduces Stacked Icons and FXML support Binaries: Download Sources: Bitbucket Maven: <dependency> <groupId>de.jensd</groupId> <artifactId>fontawesomefx</artifactId> <version>8.0.10</version> </dependency> Stacked Icons FontAwesome is featuring Stacked Icons which is clearly also for JavaFX Applications this is a useful feature. To support Stackend Icons FontAwesomeFX 8.0.10 comes with two new classes: AwesomeIconsStack and Icon. AwesomeIconsStack is basically a… Continue Reading FontAwesomeFX 8.0.10 released

Poor mans input constraints

For me the best way to prevent the user from annoying errors and error messages is simply in the first line to try not to allow the user e.g. to enter invalid data or to execute actions while data in incomplete (disabled buttons/menu entries). If only numbers allowed in an input field I think its… Continue Reading Poor mans input constraints

TabPaneDetacher: Make your tabs detachable

I though it would be cool to detach e.g. the pane to publish messages in MQTT.fx if needed by just dragging the tab and dropping it at the wanted position to open its content as a dedicated new window. The TabPaneDetacher provides an easy to use way to enable the detach capability of with any… Continue Reading TabPaneDetacher: Make your tabs detachable

RasPi does the Home Automation (Part III): ‘Let’s Put It All Together’

Hi, now it’s time to put it all together: 1st: a mini Custom Control for each gear, looking like this: Its controller takes a Device to trigger DeviceControl to switch the radio controlled gears: public class DevicePane extends AnchorPane { @FXML private Button offButton; @FXML private Button onButton; @FXML private Text deviceNameText; public DevicePane(Device device)… Continue Reading RasPi does the Home Automation (Part III): ‘Let’s Put It All Together’

Custom Component: TouchPad Control

Playing around with the Canvas I have implemented a TouchPad like Control. xValueProperty and yValueProperty are provided in a range from 0.0…1.0 respectively -1.0..1.0. Thus this control can be used like an “Input-Device”, e.g. a Joystick (use two of them to operate a Quadrocopter ;-)) or a PitchControl (like the FX control of “DM1 –… Continue Reading Custom Component: TouchPad Control

Custom Component: SelectableTitledPane

I’m working on a form to provide search criteria to find pictures in picmodo. My goal is to provide a very easy to use interface. Each search criteria is represented by a SelectableTitledPane which contains the parameter settings. Basically I have set a CheckBox as graphic component of a TitlePane and modified the CSS of… Continue Reading Custom Component: SelectableTitledPane