Docker Beta on OSX with NetBeans 8.2 workaround

The next release of NetBeans (8.2) has a cool new build-in support for Docker. Get latest NetBeans development build here. But since I switched to native Docker integration on my Mac the connection broke as now Docker communicates via socket instead of docker-machine URL: unix:///var/tmp/docker.sock NetBeans would like to get a valid http or https URL, thus… Continue Reading Docker Beta on OSX with NetBeans 8.2 workaround

NetBeans 8 – Shortcut to Remote Platforms

The recently released NetBeans 8 holds a great gift for all Java Embedded Developers: Build-in support for Remote Java Standard Edition platform. To introduce this great and handy feature I created some screencasts: Part1: headless Part2: JavaFX on Pi Part 3 – Remote Platform Debugging José Pereda has also blogged about this feature in action:… Continue Reading NetBeans 8 – Shortcut to Remote Platforms

Fluent API code formatting in Netbeans 7.2 beta

I always missed a way to format Fluent API code blocks in Netbeans properly. In Netbeans 7.1 at last there was an option to set the wrapping for chained method calls via: Preferences: Editor -> Language: Java -> Category: Wrapping Netbeans 7.1 Netbeans 7.2 Netbeans 7.2 now offers an additional option to choose whether the wrapping should take place: