MQTT.fx 1.7.1 is released!


Here’s the latest MQTT.fx release: MQTT.fx 1.7.1!


  • [Fixed] Issue #197: Problem with leading ‘$’ in topic name
  • [Fixed] Issue #214: Window position
  • [Fixed] Issue #208: MQTT Window does not come in focus.
  • [Fixed] Issue #207: main window is not shown after start, only preferences can are visible
  • [Fixed] Issue #216: Broker status typo disconneted
  • [New] Bundled with JRE 1.8.0_181

Get latest installers

As always you can download latest binaries/installers at

Please Report bugs and feature requests  via the issue tracker.

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12 thoughts on “MQTT.fx 1.7.1 is released!”

  1. Version 1.7.1
    I succeeded in installing on a windows xp 32 bits computer. When I try to install on a Windows 10 64 bits computer error says : this program cannot run on this computer.
    I have admin rights.

  2. Mac OSX 10.13.2
    Ver: 1.7.1

    If I publish a payload as below, on a Mac, two LF are added to end of payload…

    xyz –> I get –> 0x78 0x79 0x7a 0x0a 0x0a

  3. I have successfully installed the MQTT.fx in my machine . Could you please let me know which version of Java this tool is developed.

    1. And could you please one sample java program to connect with certificate of trust store and keystore.

    2. And could you please provide one sample java program to connect with certificate of trust store and keystore.

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  5. MQTT.fx is an awesome tool! Thanks for all the effort!

    One request I have is to be able to format/decode the published payload as well (like the subscribed)

  6. Hello Sir,

    Can you please eplain to me what does values at “Clients Maximum” at Broker tab mean ?

    Kind regards,

    Neven Kottnig

  7. Hi Jens

    Been using the Broker for about a year on Mac, just to randomly check a series of modems that I have in the field reporting tonnage information. With the 1.7.1 version for Mac I can’t dump messages any more so a question – each modem reporting has a unique ID, a serial number – is there a filter that I can apply within MQTT.fx to filter out messages with a Unique ID? Such as the message below – could I filter out messages with 284730139 in the string

    Message sample; {“sn”:284730139,”ts”: “2020-02-10 13:08″,”pw1″: 60001.39,”bw1″: 169.053,”bst”: 2}

  8. is not work due to error:
    Fatal error: Redefinition of parameter $recipient in /homepages/15/d19674497/htdocs/clickandbuilds/Joomla/MQTTfx/components/com_extrawatch/src/env/interface.extrawatch.env.php on line 49