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Jens Deters

About 30 years ago I started with (home-) computing. During the last 15 years I owned several roles in the IT & Telecommunication sector (Software Developer, Trainer, Consultant, Project Manager and Product Manager).
My major passion is still developing software. Today I am working as a Senior IT Consultant and at codecentric in Germany.

mail @ jensd.de

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19 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Good Morning,
    I was navigating through your website and I found the demo of picmodo project and I really liked your left side menu.
    I have an academic project going through right now and I was wandering if you could share your code, it would really help me a lot as I’m strugling in making a menu for my project.

  2. Hey again,
    the code you just sent me is kind of missing, and I don’t see any kind of CSS involved in it ^^
    I know it sounds crazy to ask but do you think you can setup a little demo, with styles and all get the general idea and thx again ^^

  3. Hello! Thank you for your efforts in the JavaFX and open-source community; much appreciated!

    I’m writing to let you know that you have a couple of typos on the README page for the ShichimiFX project on bitbucket.

    “SimpleInputContraints”, “de.jensd.shichimifx.utils.SimpleInputContraints”, and “conrtaints”, on page “https://bitbucket.org/Jerady/shichimifx”. I believe the word is spelled “constraints”.

    I would have emailed you, but cannot find an address to email to.

    Thanks for all your hard work! The community appreciates it.

  4. Hello,
    i need a tool to record and publish MQTT streams for a Apache Spark Cluster for my Bachelor Thesis. The MQTT.fx looks pretty good and i want to ask if A) is this tool completely free? B) which license (GPL?)
    Thank you and Best regards

    1. MQTT.fx is “free as free beer”, it is not Open Source yet (but might be soon).
      But in terms of usage for your Bachelor Thesis, a copy of the thesis is the price 😉

      Do you need an option to record MQTT messages an also export the buffer?


      1. That sounds very good.
        This price is no problem ;). I hope the Thesis is good enough 🙂

        Such an option would be great. Is this option available?

        Best Regards


  5. Hi Jens,
    I had attended your workshop in Amsterdam last week.
    I wanted to know about model/make of the wireless actors that you use for controlling the switches wirelessly. I was looking around for wireless switches, but was only able to find wifi enables switches, which were costly ( 20+ euros).

  6. i first i want to tank you for your work in the page it is awesome, i want to ask if you know if oracle is working in a oficial form to make JavaFx aplication run in Andoid and IOS?, i know that is the JavaFXPorts frome Gluon and its very good but i was hoping that oracle como out whit a ofcial less complicated way, all this come that i work whit FXML files and no matter what i do i can make to work whit gradle the controler and the FXML just dont see each other, if i make the aplication un pure java class there is no problem but i will like a direct and oficial way.

  7. Moin Jens,

    ich bin gerade dabei, mich in der IoT-Technologie einzuarbeiten und beschäftige mich gerade mit MQTT in Verbindung mit Node-Red. Dabei bin ich auf das Tool MQTT.fx gestoßen. Nach der Install dieses Tools auf Mac OSX (10.11.6) habe ich das Phänomen, daß der Zugriff aus dem Tool heraus auf Rechner außerhalb meines Macs (sowohl auf Rechner im eigenen Lan als auch auf Rechner im INet) nicht funktionieren. Auf localhost funktioniert es aber sehr wohl. Gestern allerdings hat es auch beim Zugriff auf Rechner im Lan und im Internet (z. B. test.mosquitto.org) funktioniert. Heute aber wieder nicht.

    Ich weiß im Moment nicht mehr, wo ich noch suchen soll.

    Was kann das für ein Problem sein ?

    Viele Grüße


  8. Hi, Jens,
    I was recently pushed into the topic “MQTT” and so I stumbled over your project MQTT.fx, of course, but luckily. 🙂
    Thus my status: Bloody beginner 😉
    But I still have a few starting difficulties.
    Do you have some kind of link list with recommended reading material in general and scripting in particular?

    Many thanks in advance,

  9. Hi, just a quick note.
    I found your MQTT.FX client, it is a little difficult but I am getting there.

    It is not your client that is the problem, it is me. Having done lots of “My own Stuff” with Arduino and Pi I am now just starting out trying to organise my IoT stuff and have decided to use MQTT, Node red etc.
    Some stuff working lots of fun but a steep learning curve.

    Thanks for this project, I think it is helping me with notes and you tube from you and others.