MQTT.fx 1.7.0 is released!


Here’s the latest MQTT.fx release: MQTT.fx 1.7.0!

Support for Sparkplug Payload Decoders

Sparkplug is a specification for MQTT enabled devices and applications to send and receive messages in a stateful way.

A decoder for the binary Sparkplug payload data has been added recently to the “mqttfx-payload-decoders” project at GitHub. Many Thanks to Wes Johnson from Cirrus Link for contribution and the PR! You can get more information about Sparkplug here!

Anything else?

  • [New] Added Sparkplug Payload Decoder
  • [Fixed] Issue #182: MQTTfx 1.6.0 not properly terminating in Windows 10 & MacOS
  • [Fixed] Issue #192: Problem with $ in topic name
  • [Fixed] Some UI styling issues
  • Bundled installers for Linux are available again (deb & rpm)! 

Get latest installers

As always you can download latest binaries/installers at

Please Report bugs and feature requests  via the issue tracker.

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