Custom Component: SelectableTitledPane

I’m working on a form to provide search criteria to find pictures in picmodo. My goal is to provide a very easy to use interface. Each search criteria is represented by a SelectableTitledPane which contains the parameter settings. Basically I have set a CheckBox as graphic component of a TitlePane and modified the CSS of… Continue Reading Custom Component: SelectableTitledPane

Custom Component: Starter with hover effect

I was looking for a starter component for to use on the dock like main entry page of our application. It should have a hover effect on mouse enter/ mouse exit and a start effect on mouse click. As JavaFX has already very useful Transition implementations I gave the ScaleTransition a try. I wanted a… Continue Reading Custom Component: Starter with hover effect

JavaFX in Action: picmodo-teasers (updated 19-04-2013)

I have uploaded two teasers of my current spare-time project “picmodo” (it’s yet another network based picture DB). The GUI shown in the clips is in german language, but i18n is supported of course ;-). Picmodo – Login: Picmodo – Login failed: Picmodo – Upload new pictures: Picmodo – Export Pictures: Picmodo – Search Pictures: