Fluent API code formatting in Netbeans 7.2 beta

I always missed a way to format Fluent API code blocks in Netbeans properly. In Netbeans 7.1 at last there was an option to set the wrapping for chained method calls via: Preferences: Editor -> Language: Java -> Category: Wrapping Netbeans 7.1 Netbeans 7.2 Netbeans 7.2 now offers an additional option to choose whether the wrapping should take place:

First steps with JavaFX

This tutorial will introduce Clean separation of application UI and logic Using Builders supporting Fluent API Effects Layouts Property Bindings EventHandler Abstract The Golden Ratio (Golden Mean, Golden Section) is defined as φ = (√5 + 1) / 2. Objective Create an UI to find the golden section by using a slider. Add value labels and an indicator to get… Continue Reading First steps with JavaFX

Enter the theater

Stage The User Interface in JavaFX is understood as a kind of drama or spectacle. Including a stage on which a scene is presented as the play. Parts of the scene are the actors and props. javafx.scene.Stage The application “acts” on the stage. How this stage is presented to the audience depends on where the stage is established. E.g. as part of a WebPage, on the desktop or on a tablet.… Continue Reading Enter the theater