Introducing FontAwesomeFX Glyphs-Browser 1.0

I created a GlyphsBrowser application to browse all Icon Fonts provided by  FontAweseomFX 8.12: (Given Java 8 > update 40 is installed on you machine) You can find the code at GitHub. Download FontAwesomeFX 8.12 from Bintray. FontAweseomFX 8.12 release informations

RasPi does the Home Automation (Part IV): Cut the ‘rope’

Hi all, until now all UI-Actions to control my wireless gears had to run directly on the Pi which controls the remote as e.g. deviceControl.turnOn(device); is called. But now I’d rather make a web service available for this purpose to be more independently. Question is: Which server should I use? Apache/PHP: too less Java 😉… Continue Reading RasPi does the Home Automation (Part IV): Cut the ‘rope’