MQTT.fx 1.5.0 is released


Here’s the latest MQTT.fx release: MQTT.fx 1.5.0!

MQTT.fx is now Donation Ware.

I am working on MQTT.fx since more than 3 years (mostly at night) in my very, very rare spare-time.
By now MQTT.fx had more than thirty released versions (almost 1 per month) and ciritical bugs are fixed instantly.
Recently I decided to add a donation option to MQTT.fx.

Fixed in 1.5.0

Issue #151: Muting a Topic now works as expected.

New Features in 1.5.0

Topics Collector

Topics of all incoming Messages (except ‘$SYS’) now can be collected.

You can start the topics scanner by pressing “Scan”. Click “Stop” to stop scanning.

Basically “scanning” for topics is a new established MQTT broker connection using the selected connection profile.

Then the “scanner” subscribes to “#” and collects the topics of all incoming messages (so be careful on crowded brokers! 😉 ).

Once topics are collected you can copy or subscribe selected topics via the context menu:

Also you can copy all collected topics via the Topics Collector menu:

Payload Decoder

The selected Payload Decoder is now stored in the selected connection profile.

Message Flags

‘Retained’ messages are now tagged with a ‘Retained’ badge:

‘Dublicate’ messages are now tagged with a ‘DUB’ badge.



As always you can download latest binaries/installers at

Please Report bugs and feature requests  via the issue tracker.

5 thoughts on “MQTT.fx 1.5.0 is released”

  1. Hello every one Few days back in my pc MQTT.fx worked properly but now it is not.
    It’s logo is shown for 3 or 4 seconds after that it is running in taskbar processes but I am unable to get it work.
    I have tried these following options
    tried to open mqtt version 1.4.2
    and tried to iunstall both versions after uninstalling.
    any one can please help me.

    thanks and regards,
    Praveen Kumar.

    1. I have the same issue.
      If you are on a Windows machine you could try running it “as Administrator”. That fixed it for me anyways.

      1. I too had this problem. I am a member of the administrator group so I didn’t think about running it as Admin but I did log into another user account on this computer and despite being a member of the standard user group it worked fine. After uninstalling it and deleting all files under program files then deleting all MQTT.fx files in my account AppData hidden folder it’s now working again on my user account.

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