Call to verify responsiveness of your JavaFX UIs

Recently Jim Weaver installed my little picture indexing app “picmodo” for a demo on his Surface Pro and the GUI became a pice of junk.

Obviously the basic font size of JavaFX on a Windows Tablet is to high:




I assume, too absolute sizes and positions are not always the best idea, even if the resize behaviour works like expected and the UI it looks quite ok on the developers machine… 😉

So I suppose to frequently give it a try by simply adding this to your CSS to increase default font size a bit and change the button sizes to verify the responsiveness of your layouts:

-fx-font-size: 16pt;

.button, .toggle-button, .choice-box {
-fx-padding: 10px 20px 10px 20px;

Somehow that forced me to modify some things. So basically I now prefer to use a combination of VBox, HBox and Region(s) (as a kind of spring-delimiter) for the major layout and to give a bit more respect to “USE_COMPUTED_SIZE” of controls and panes …




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