MQTT.fx 0.0.9 released

A new version of MQTT.fx is available (probably the last release before JavaOne)

Download latest binaries in all flavours:
Bugs and feature requests can be reported via the issue tracker.

This release comes with some new features:

Message Font Size

(in respect to Gerrit Grunwald @hansolo_)
To improve ledibility of large message bodies now the font size of messages can be set to a fixed value (0.6em – 1.5em) or a dynamic size depending on message size (1.0em – 0.6em).
You can open the new Settings Dialog via Menu Extras / Settings:


Dynamic message font size:


Clear History

(also in respect to Gerrit Grunwald)
The Connection Profile Dialog (Section “General”) and the Publish/Subscribe panels now the history of last topics can be cleared.




“Never again drive me crazy with silly questions”

(in respect to David Janes @dpjanes)
The Exit Dialog now offers an option “Do not ask me again!” to get not asked again when closing the app.



Also I again have fixed some bugs (typos, usability, layout + style issues).

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