MQTT.fx 0.0.16 released

You can download latest binaries at
Bugs and feature requests can be reported via the issue tracker.

Release Notes

  • [Changed/New] Issue #14 Now TLS/SSL without client certificate authentication is supported
  • ssl

  • [New] Issue #35 Subscribe to $SYS topics is now supported
  • sys_subscription

  • [New] Improved Error Prevention: Profile Editor now supports validation
  • In facts it’s a mix of ControlsFX Validation and Bean Validation

  • [Fixed] Issue #38 Application crash on startup if one script is wrong
  • Now scripts are not checked during startup time but execution errors are logged and printed to console:

  • [Fixed] Issue #37 if CA Certificate only is set
  • was fixed/implemented together with Issue #14

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7 thoughts on “MQTT.fx 0.0.16 released”

  1. thanks for this beautifull tool,

    is it present in some linux repository ?
    May you compile a 32bit .deb version (i have Xubuntu 32bit)


  2. Just upgraded to Windows 10 and when I click on a drop down box the app crashes. Worked perfectly on Win 8. Any ideas – is this a Java error ??

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