“PiMac unibody” or a new home for my touch screen

In preparation for the JavaOne 2014 Session my 7″ touch screen from Chalk-Elec finally found a new home. I bought a 1 mm sheet of aluminium and treated it with my jig saw and a rasp and folded a triangle stand for the screen. Basically there would be room enough for e.g. a Rapsberry Pi… Continue Reading “PiMac unibody” or a new home for my touch screen

JavaFX 8 embedded currently ‘untouchable’?

[UPDATE] Solved: eGalax Touch Screen issues with JavaFX (on Raspberry Pi) Hi all, yesterday I recevied my 7″ touch screen. I immediately started to give it a try. In the end spend the night with getting it work with my RasPi. First with X11 Installed pre-configured kernel with eGalax touch screen support: Works! startx: Works!… Continue Reading JavaFX 8 embedded currently ‘untouchable’?