FontAwesomeFX 8.6 released

FontAwesomeFX 8.6 comes with a new Icons Font: Material Icons. (thanks to John Sirach for his request).

Actually it’s 2 new Icons Fonts: The original Material Icons Font from Google (around 800 icons) and Material Design Icons (around 1200 icons).

Basically Material Design Icons cover the Google Icons extended by a lot of additional community driven icons. As I am not sure that all Google icons are included I have also kept this font.

Additionally I have upgraded to Weather Icons 2.0 (now 215 icons).


Get 8.6:
Download Binaries: Download
Sources available at Bitbucket



Please report issues here

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12 thoughts on “FontAwesomeFX 8.6 released”

    1. Glad you like it!
      Yes, FontAwesomeFX is under Apache 2.0 license.
      So as long as you name me, feel free to use it commercially 😉

      Btw. in which product is it intended to be used?