New version of 2048FX for iOS now available at App Store

The latest version of our JavaFX game 2048FX for iOS is now available at the App Store.
Should have been available since last week for our JavaOne talk “One Codebase to Rule Them All: Going Mobile with 2048FX [CON3255]”, but Apple complained there was a “2048” in the tagline… finally its there now!

Major changes in this release:

  • All new UI (use of Material Design).
  • Three different game modes: Easy (you can save at any time), advanced (save only every new winning tile found) and expert (you can’t save).
  • Share: Sign in with your favorite social network so you can see the best scores of other players and send yours.
  • performance improvements, less disk space usage, fixed some minor bugs.

Load it and enter the Leaderboard! 😉 German / English




2048FX is based on the idea of Gabriele Cirulli ( and is a JavaFXports based iOS Port of the JavaFX 8 version of Bruno Borges und José Pereda.
The original code can be found here:

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