MQTT.fx 0.0.18 released

You can download latest binaries at
Bugs and feature requests can be reported via the issue tracker.

0.0.18 Release Notes

[New] Issue #56: Add a “Generate” button for the ClientID.

I have added a Button to generate a unique ClientID in respect to Lady Ada’s nice MQTT.fx tutorial to prevent the need of 3rd party tools ;-):

[Fixed] Issue #51, #50, #46: SSL/TLS certificate issues

You now can also choose a certain CA certificate file:

[Fixed] Issue #55: Abnormal memory usage: Introducing the option or enable/disable

I added an option to the settings dialog to enable/disable subscriptions to $SYS-Topics.
If disabled $SYS related messages are just use to update the “Broker Status” tab, then the messages are released:

[Fixed] Issue #52: subscription didn’t work in some cases

[Fixed] MenuBar issues in OS X

[Fixed] Notification issues

[Changed] Switched to ControlsFX 8.40.10 in respect to JDK 8u60

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7 thoughts on “MQTT.fx 0.0.18 released”

  1. Is there any way u can share some of your ui working when u make some.
    For my academic projects, most of the heavy lifting part is the fact that i need to customize the UI, let’s say in a less boring way and i can’t find how ?
    Maybe u can share some of your experience on how to do the UI part, for instance, the project you did “picmodo”, how did u visualize the ui, how to did you make the menu(the 2 versions, the tag one and the tree like one, the css) or the change in the views.
    Except from this part, I find every thing else doable.
    I don’t know if it’s possible but do you mind sending me the whole picmodo project (privately), I want to understand the ui part and which design pattern you used, it may help me in my end term project.