FontAwesomeFX 8.7 released

*** NEW ***

added GitHub Octicons

FontAwesomeFX 8.7 comes with a new Icons Font: GitHub Octicons 3.3.0!
Many thanks to !
Peter Rogge
for his pull-request! Peter has recently been interviewed by Adam Bien about his newly released afterburner.fx NetBeans Plugin.


*** UPDATE ***

FontAwesome 4.5 included

Additionally I have implemented support for FontAwesome 4.5.0 which comes with 20 new icons (now 694 icons available).


Get FontAwesomeFX 8.7

Download Binaries: Download
Sources available at Bitbucket



Please report issues here

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  2. Mohammed DawoodDecember 7, 2015 at 16:36Reply

    Please I need to change keyboard language from English to Arabic when the textfield focused . Iam googled but all answers talk about solutions in swing . thank you

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